Restaurant Catering Equipment Basingstoke

At RLB Services Ltd our engineers have the experience and knowledge to carry out repairs and maintenance of catering equipment which includes restaurant catering equipment in Basingstoke. If you have a specific appliance used to carry out a vital task for food preparation, then you need it to work properly and not have it take up space in the kitchen waiting for repair. We can help if you experience any problems with your appliances, catering equipment or combi ovens.

Catering Equipment Repairs Basingstoke

At RLB Services Ltd we have an extensive range of skills to enable us to repair faults instead of replacing the equipment. It is very common that equipment in need of repair is replaced due to the lack of experience and knowledge needed to repair it. We have the skills and knowledge to carry out catering equipment repairs for our clients.


Over the years we have repaired, installed and maintained a wide range of catering equipment for many of our happy clients including pubs, hospitals, hotels and restaurants.